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Avis Rental Car Reviews

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  • No one answers!

    We rented a car today from Avis at the Denver airport. When it arrived, my husband packed our things in the back of the Suburban, then opened the front door to see it filthy. He requested another car and was given it. However, during the shifting of items he left an overnight bag containing a computer, my children's birth certificates, a camera and other important items. We have been calling Avis for four hours and get no response from the desk or customer service. When calling lost and found, the message says, "Sorry this mailbox is full...good-bye". It is a 3 1/2 hour... More...
    ERD82's Picture   ERD82    0 Comments   Comments

    I have rented hundreds of cars over the years and NEVER have I been so displeased with a service. Upon receiving our rental for a trip we declined several times the insurance (our credit card covers that) and any extra fees. The gentleman seemed nice and said great just sign here, here and here and you will be on your way. 5 days later I returned the car only to see that I was charged $272 more for insurance on the rental. I immediately talked to a manager who was the rudest person in a management position I have met in a long time. She absolutely refused to hear me out, stated that... More...
    srandreas's Picture   srandreas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avis Mileage Fraud

    My connecting flight from Chicago to Indianapolis was canceled and I had to wait until morning for the next flight. Since I had a conference to attend I had to rent a car for a one way trip. I went to Avis and told to their representative at the front desk that I want an entry level cheap car that would just get me to Indy. I told him that will return the car next day to the Indy airport. He said OK and told me that he will arrange a better car for the same price. I was a bit shocked when I saw $180 as a total estimated charges but I had to take the car since I had no other option. After... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    OktayKemal's Picture   OktayKemal    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avis Rental Car is EVIL

    I used Priceline's name-your-price option to get a rental car in Columbus. When I arrived the clerk told me there were additional charges for "taxes" and would not let me get the car until I paid them. I would have walked away, but I had prepaid so I told her I would pay and then file a complaint with Priceline. Priceline said they asked Avis and were told that I had requested an upgrade and that was why I was charged. I was traveling alone and would never have asked for an upgrade but both Priceline and Avis refused to refund my money even though the Avis clerk blatantly... More...
    MsMKing's Picture   MsMKing    1 Comments   Comments
  • Oklahoma City Airport Avis - the worst.

    Very long review. I rented a car last week here in Oklahoma City, at the airport. I come here just about every month since i work for the FAA and have frequent training here. Anyways, two trips ago with Avis, i used my personal card to rent from Avis since i didnt have my Government credit card at the time. the trip after that, they charged my government card. This current trip, i gave the female at the front desk my government credit card and my license. I assumed she charged that card as she said it was good to go and assured me i had the government rate and GARS (government car... More...
    mgonzoo121's Picture   mgonzoo121    1 Comments   Comments

    If you ever need to rent a vehicle - DO NOT USE AVIS /BUDGET. They added bogus charges to my bill, like airport pick-up /drop off fee of $98.00. I did not go anywhere near an airport when renting or returning the vehicle. They charges me for fuel - $19.96, but I had topped it off before returning it. They charge a mysterious $50 fee, which can't be explained, even by the powers that be. In addition to the charges, the process of trying to secure an adjustment has been an absolute nightmare. 1-800 numbers out the wazoo - but they effing answer the phone until is has rung for... More...
    whatever123's Picture   whatever123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Americans Unite

    Avis has some of the most corrupt irragant employees you will ever find. They steal from you. The cars are in most cases never cleaned properly and put on the ready line with in seconds of a customer returning it. Their employees stab each other in the back every chance they get. The moral among employees and bosses are so low that nobody likes coming to work but does so because they must. Customers are being screwed at every turn at Avis/Budget. Save your $$$ and health and rent from somewhere else. More...
    honestone788's Picture   honestone788    0 Comments   Comments
  • Do not rent from Avis

    DO NOT RENT FROM THIS LOCATION! The elder attendant DOM is very unprofessional and rude. That is just the beginning! My sister handed him a Rush Card and he looked at it and threw it back on the counter and said "good luck finding anywhere that will rent to you with that." Since I had a credit card I just put the rental under my name and added her as a driver. With an attitude he grabs the card and ID. He hands me papers and says sign here and sign here. I look and noticed it is for the condition of the vehicle. I tell him well I would like to inspect the vehicle before I sign... More...
    Donotrent's Picture   Donotrent    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extremely unhappy with expierence

    Seriously I have a new born collicy baby and two toddlers in my house, my new born just finally went to sleep at 1030 at night after a long long day and the Avis people showed up at our house and RANG THE DOOR BELL! let me remind you it was 1030 at night and all the kids had just went to sleep!! On top of that we have our father who was injured over seas and has extreme PTSD and wakes up and grabs his gun and freaks out when ppl show up at the house late. Are you kidding me? This could not have waited until 8 in the morning?? I am extremely pissed.. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN.. and I will... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Shood1208's Picture   Shood1208    0 Comments   Comments
  • Billing

    Billing not done as per the conversation at the time of reservation over the phone. I always do the reservation online but this time it was showing me $0.25 per mile charges. I called the reservation center at 1160 1st avenue KOP and the agent told me that I will be charged $35 and some cents and no other mileage charges will be there . Now I have been charged 0.25 per mile. I contacted avis customer care and agent was very rude that these charges will not be deducted. I tried to explain her the whole situation but she was not ready to listen and repeatedly kept saying that the charges are... More...
    Thisisruchika's Picture   Thisisruchika    2 Comments   Comments
  • eToll charges I never knew I could be charged for

    I rented a vehicle from Avis on April 21st thru April 24th. I used a compnay creidt card for the rental charges and informed the Avis employee I was on the phone with that this company credit card should be the only credit card used regarding any payment for this rental. About 2 weeks after I returned home, I found a charge on my credit card, not the company's card, for $13.75. When I called Avis to find out about this charge, I was told that this for going through a toll booth. First of all, I don't live in Illinois and the state I'm from doesn't have toll booths so I... More...
  • Avis over charged us!

    My husband and I rented a mid-size car to attend our family reunion and was quoted an amount to keep the car 4 days and the quote seemed reasonable. When we picked the car up he was told that a major credit card was needed to be able to rent with Avis but that we could use a different form of payment when the car was returned, Our total ended up being 367.10 when we returned the vehicle as agreed. He gave the girl cash for the total and was given a receipt. 6 days later a charge appeared on our statement for the full balance. We went back into the Avis loation that we rented from with our... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Its a Eip Off

    I hired a car from them at Gatwick Airport, got a puncture, small tack in new tyre, was charged for a NEW tyre on returning the car, Ok I would agree £20 or £30 for a puncture repair, but a NEW tyre ? , sure if it was Torn or split or otherwise unrepairable, in short the Customers pay for their fleet to have new tyres throughout the life of the Vechile.when renting I was told told that the included Insurance was usually sufficent, as it was call Damage Insurance I was happy with it. Never was I told I would have to buy a new Tyre if I suffered a Puncture. A mistake I will not... More...
    Dan2511's Picture   Dan2511    0 Comments   Comments
  • California toll ripoff

    Beware! If you rent a car in California you may get ripped off as I was recently by the State of California and the rental company. I rented a car from Avis and 3 weeks later was billed $15.20 for a mysterious "tolls and bridges" charge. Evidently California has toll roads which aren't marked as toll roads, and it is necessary to actually exit from the freeway- well, it's not "free" is it?- to pay the toll. Avis has equipped the car with transponders which somehow electronically pay the toll. AVIS WILL NOT INFORM YOU THESE TRANSPONDERS EXIST. Then Avis charges... More...
  • AVIS Padova

    Please avoid AVIS car rental at any cost, especially if you're a foreigner. I had a very bad experience with AVIS in Padova & was forced to approach local Police to sue them to get my money refunded. They can even go to the extent of producing fake documents in order to charge you undue extras, so BEWARE!!! More...
    ViWs's Picture   ViWs    0 Comments   Comments
  • AVIS - failed to deliver

    I had a vehicle reserved to be picked up at 10:00 am in Banff. The vehicle was not ready until 12:00 noon. I had 1 day to spend in Banff with my family and having a car available for 2 hours less than planned was extremely detrimental. We missed other reservations and had to totally rearrange our itinerary for the day. I was given a free upgrade, a larger vehicle that used more gas than the one I had reserved- a vehicle I did not want. I'm supposed to be a "PREFERRED" customer, but there no signage or desk for this type of customer, so I ended up in a long line with... More...
    glct's Picture   glct    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complain about behavior of personell

    I had booked an AVIS car through your agency in Greece to be hired by me from Malpensa airport in Milan on 19th of June and to be redelivered to Malpensa airport on 24th of June.When I arrived at the airport I went to the AVIS desk on minus one floor I signed all the required documents and then I was instructed to go to the garage ( I was given the number plate of the car) in order the other personell which was on the garage kiosk of Avis to bring me the car.I was waiting more than one hour and when I asked why such delay a very rude skinhead guy( Italian ) of the personell he told me in... More...
    DELIOP's Picture   DELIOP    0 Comments   Comments
  • AVIS = Liars & Bad Business

    I had a reservation with Thrifty but happen to stop in front of the Avis desk @ the Pittsburgh Airport. A black woman with a very low cut hair & glasses asked me if she could match Thrifty would I go with them. I told her sure if she can match it. She asked me the details of my reservation. I told her I have a full size unlimited miles and was keeping the car for 8 days. She told me should would honor it. I then signed for the price she agreed. After she ran my card she told me about an additional hold that will be put on the card. She told me not to worry if I bring the car back full... More...
  • 900 euros

    after already purchasing ex insurance we still had to leave an pre authrising 1000-1500 euros on a credit card which then meant we could not use the card again on holiday we are only normal hard working people who have saved hard for a holiday we dont have that much xtra to spend and also the car which was hired to us was a piece of rubbish smashed near side wing plus other damage why has this not been repaired wih the insurance every one pays for the car.it really should of been written off also half a tank of petrol we were charged 40 euro which actually cost 20 euro when we filled al... More...
    america12's Picture   america12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avis has overacharged us!

    We hired a car from AVIS Milan office at Piazza Diaz. The contract stated that the car was hired from June 4th c.a. 16.15 hours, until June 9th (Saturday). AVIS officer informed us that we should return the car within 24 hours 1 HOUR from the time of rental. As the AVIS office is closed on Saturdays, their system printed a shorter return time automatically on the contract (13.00 hours). Therefore, AVIS officer wrote instead 17.00 hours as our car return time by hand on our contract. We returned the car exactly on time, i.e. June 9th AT 17.00 HOURS to the underground parking in... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Chmurka's Picture   Chmurka    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible experience with AVIS

    I've been renting a compact from AVIS from Jan. 9 and returned it on Feb. 17. Everything was good by then. But suddendy yesterday my credit card was charged 125$ and today a mail on my desk from AVIS said there is excessive oder in interior of car and they have to charge 125$ to me for cleaning. I'm so suprised and ca...lled customer service they suggested me to call site, while site insisted it's not their problem. They said they found out the seat of the car was spoiled on Feb. 19, but I returned the car in a completely good situation on Feb. 17. Who knows what happened in... More...
    ssurely's Picture   ssurely    0 Comments   Comments

    We rented a car to be returned on Sat afternoon. As they close at noon on Sat they told us to leave the car in the train station parking lot and leave the keys with the information booth at the station. We did so, and took a train from Orleans to Paris. When I got my credit card bill, I had been charged for a whole week instead of 3 days, charged for equipment we did not have and charged $150 in parking fees. Captial One would not do anything as I did not have my receipt. As they were closed, I never had a receipt. Even though we provided evidence that we did not have the car, we were... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    dmahaney's Picture   dmahaney    0 Comments   Comments

    I was charged an extra day for arriving 30 minutes after contract. The Avis was closed but they knew I arrived at that time because an employee in Sears Auto, who shares the facility, told the Avis Manager but the Manager still charged. My recommendation: Never do business with the Avis located in Sear Auto in Peabody, MA This is a franchised location. The care little about the truth and they treated this Avis First member like trash. More...
  • insurance rip off

    I initialed to insure my rental car. I thought it was $28 a day for 3 days. That's the only amount that I read. That was reasonable. I got a $182 deducted from my account. They said it was 28 for one kind of insurance, another $ amount for another kind, and another $ amount for some more. $182!!!!!!!!! I am pissed! I don't know what I am going to do. I needed this money in my account right now. More...
    chowur's Picture   chowur    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avis Unconscionable Actions

    Rental Agreement #: 131476531. 2 Day Unlimited Miles SUV Rental returned with a full tank and 1 hour late. I was charged $1, 196.02 ... that's unconscionable enough. There has also been a "Hold" on my bank account for the amounts of $429.12 and $430.00 since March 27th. That brings the total charge to $2, 055.14; for a 2 day car rental. Rest assured, not only will this will pursued to the fullest extent allowable by law, but I will post this information on every message board I can find on the Internet. More...
    seth3esq's Picture   seth3esq    0 Comments   Comments
  • No service

    Tried to call the local location for two days, always redirected to the toll free number. Could not reach a human. Finally googled the location and walked a mile down there, Inquired about the phone situation, response "yea we've known about that" meanwhile some who appeared not be with the company was behind the counter on the phone. I suspect it is just easier to forward the calls than to have to do your job. By the way, no cars of any kind available on a Tuesday morning (12 JAN)with no major events going on in town, something about cars in for mx. Not can we get... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    bbbb's Picture   bbbb    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unethical conduct

    My experience with Avis is HORRID. Please hear me out!! After using Price Line to do my 2 1/2 day contract for a car rental in MPLS (at a price of $105.00), I was given Avis as my car rental company. Everything went fine and I gassed up the vehicle before I dropped it off at the airport as I said I would. With no atttendant on duty at 6am, I filled out my contract and dropped off my keys at the Avis after hours desk. --Seems pretty normal for anyone renting a car....right? Two weeks later I notice a $513.22 bill on my credit card from Avis.... Wow! What is this, did someone run into... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    buzzy's Picture   buzzy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fradulent billing

    I rented an Avis car after my car was in an accident. 1) After being paid $877.36 by my insurance company, Avis billed me for $157.36, claiming the insurance company only paid $720. 2) $82.51 of the charge was for an "airport fee". I did not pick up or deliver the car at an airport. 3) Later, I was billed $52.25 for Avis eToll. I never authorized, activated, or used Avis eToll. Avis customer service was unresponsive. More...
    IhateAvis's Picture   IhateAvis    2 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Car Rental in AVIS UK

    I would like to complain about my recent rental transaction (rental of Audi A4 Avant 2.0 from 19 July 2009 to 30 July 2009) at London Heathrow Airport. The commitment your company made to customer is just not valid at all and should not be used at your web site (Select Series : Model Guaranteed). It is this wordings I made my choice from four major car rental companies in UK from my home at HK. What happens is that I made a spacious car rental of Audi A4 Avant 2.0 (automatic transmission) for 11 days one month before (confirmed on 20 June 2009) so that it should provide comfortable... More...
    patkhc's Picture   patkhc    4 Comments   Comments
  • watch out for ad on fees

    I rented a rental car online which turned out to be Avis. Online the total price was 165.00 for one day, so I reserved it for a friends birthday. We get to Avis and they tell us its an extra 25 for satellite radio(other companies its just complimentary) and also no debit cards! We get in the car and go...no hosrepower in the car and terrible brakes. The next day we arrive at Avis 45 min late. I look at the receipt and it says extra hour charge@105.00/hr. (another companies charges20.00/hr) I call Avis and the lady told me if you come back late every hour is charged and 10% on top of... More...
    shawnathon26's Picture   shawnathon26    1 Comments   Comments
  • Avis= a very inviting SCAM

    To keep it short, my family went to florida on spring break. Rented from AVIS, didn't get the car we rented and had to rent a step up costing $100 more. Upon our return was charged $140 for having sand in the car. We went to the beach twice and each time showered our feet before getting back into the car...bottom line don't rent AVIS CARS. EVER. More...
    timwp's Picture   timwp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avis Ripped us off

    We made a reservation 6 months in advance to get the best deal, as we always do. We reserved a full size car for $181.30 and had a $20.00 off coupon that was to be taken off at the counter. All was well until we returned the car and found that out bill was $355.41 when we asked why they said that they had up graded us to a larger car. We went to speak to a manager ( W.L. Butler ) and he said I had initialed it so therefore I knew about it. He said his manager would call me in the morning. The girl went over everything that I signed for and the only mention that I signed for was that I... More...
    cjdavis14's Picture   cjdavis14    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad rates, horrible customer service

    I had to rent a car in a hurry for a one-way rental in a small town. I had no internet so I had to call the reservations center. I got a rate of $117.00, which I thought was high but assumed it was because it was a one-way rental. Once I got to my destination I found I needed the car for 2 more days. When I called to extend the reservation I was told the rate would be the same, $117 a day! I got online and found the exact same car for $30 on Avis' website! The reservation agent's excuse for charging 4 times that rate for my extension? Rates are subject to change. I asked for a... More...
    chinakat72's Picture   chinakat72    1 Comments   Comments
  • Avis Ruined my Christmas

    I went through Travelocity to rent a car from Avis to make a trip to my familys' homes for Christmas 08. Two days before Christmas, we were told by Avis Car Rental that they were going to place a $500.00 hold on our bank account. We asked for options since my son was paying. They told us they could not place the $500.00 hold on his account because he was under 25 years old and could not drive the vehicle. We tried paying cash, but the teller, Jason (they refused to give me his last name) told us that he would still have to place a $500.00 hold on our bank account. We asked... More...
    avishater's Picture   avishater    1 Comments   Comments
  • AVIS - Bad experience

    My first time experience with Avis turned out to be a very AWFUL experience. I will not have any future business with this company ever again ! :( When I went to the customer service to pick up the key at the Orlando airport. The customer service Representative names PATRICIA clearly told me that "Avis has the promotion today and when I return the car back, I do not need to fill up the tank." She asked me to sign the contract to acknowledge. When I returned the rental car at Avis garage, the person who took care of the return car, charged me $29 for the gas. I told him... More...
    sophhim's Picture   sophhim    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad experience

    My first time experience with Avis turned out to be a very AWFUL experience. I will not have any future business with this company ever again ! :( When I went to the customer service to pick up the key at the Orlando airport. The customer service Representative names PATRICIA clearly told me that "Avis has the promotion today and when I return the car back, I do not need to fill up the tank." She asked me to sign the contract to acknowledge. When I returned the rental car at Avis garage, the person who took care of the return car, charged me $29 for the gas. I told him... More...
    sophhim's Picture   sophhim    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avis didn't help

    Last year I was in Italy, driving an Avis rental car. In Torino I was, without my knowing it, driving in a restricted area and a photo was taken of the car. Six months after the trip, Avis charged my Amex card for 10 Euros. I had no idea why, called Avis and they had no information. I asked Amex to investigate, they did and also got no reply from Avis, so rAmex emoved the charges from my account. Now, almost a year later, I've received a bill for $350 from a collection agency for the charges. I called Avis and their answer: tough, we have no responsibility to inform you of why we... More...
    LarryInLA's Picture   LarryInLA    1 Comments   Comments


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